“Be Still and Know”

The FBC Sanctuary will be open for prayer and meditation every Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

While It is true that the people, not the building, make up a church — it is also true that some spaces are sacred to us and help us as we strive to grow in our faith and stay connected to God. If you would like to come by during this time and spend a few moments in prayer, please do so.

There are GUIDELINES in place to help keep you and others safe.

ENTER the Sanctuary from the main entrance on Market Street.
WEAR face coverings and practice social distancing while in the building.
FOLLOW the instructions found at the Sanctuary door to help us with cleaning and contact tracing.
BRING your own Bible or use your Bible app if you would like.
SPEND time in prayer and meditation.
EXIT by following the signs provided as you go in peace.

If you should need handicap accessibility, please call Jayne Davis (910-612-3268) at least 24 hours in advance so we can schedule someone to assist you.