Deacon Nominations

October is the month that we elect Deacons. Thank you for prayerfully considering who you believe would serve well as an At-Large Deacon for our congregation. Deacons of First Baptist are servant leaders. They are responsible for building relationships with the people of our church and provide them needed care. They should be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality. At-Large Deacons will visit when needed, serve communion to homebound members, and make connections with persons who are not members of one of our small groups. They are a vital link between the persons they serve, and the pastoral staff to ensure ministry is provided. Those nominated to serve as Deacon should be regularly engaged in worship, discipleship and missions of First Baptist. Deacons are elected for a two-year term.

Returning Deacons: The individuals listed below were elected as a Deacon in 2020 and will serve thru 2021. Those listed with an asterisk (*) have been recognized as Deacon Emeriti and are not eligible for nomination. Please do not list any of their names on your nomination form.

Connie Allegood, Ann Barkley, David Barkley, Jeff Barnhill, Mary Claire Barnhill, Randy Barrington, Ike Blaylock*, Sally Blaylock*, Rebecca Boggs, Rich Brocchi, Mary Margaret Brooks*, Paul Bunn*, Bo Burch, Walt Busbee, Joe Capell, Mararuth Capell, Ken Caswell, Mike Chenault, Rudy Cobb*, Linda Collins, Al Corbett, Chris Coston, David Criser, Glenda Currin, Bud Davis*, Haywood Davis*, Bob De Haas, Calvin Doss*, Ed Efird*, Donn Evans, Katie Evans, William Fleming, Kim Furtado, Peggy Glass, Sam Gresham*, Denise Griffin, Linda Gurganus, Gary Harris, Kimberly Harris, David Hill, Jeff Holcomb, Jeff Johnson*, Don Jones*, Kay Jones, Lou Leiner*, Teale Leiner, Burke Lennon*, Harriett Lennon*, Susan Lewis, Kenan Maready*, Joan Marshall*, Jon Mason*, Lorraine Mason*, George Miars, Ann Millard, Jim Morgan, Wanda Nesselroade*, Deborah Phillips, Beth Pike, Charles Plasters, Amy Queen, Brett Queen, Jon Rosborough*, Don Slawter*, David Smith, Martha Smith*, Jo Smith, Ron Stancil, Mark Steelman, Joe Sutton*, Phillip Sutton, Jeff Troutman, Jerry Tyson, Jimmy Wallace*, Tom West, Jessica Williams, Carl Williford, Kim Williford, Don Womble

Guidelines for Completion: Please use the link below to submit online the names of individuals you believe would serve well as an At-Large Deacon for members of our congregation. We will elect three At-Large Deacons and three Small Group Deacons to serve the 2021-2022 term. Please submit your nominations no later than October 26.

NOTE: A letter/form is also being mailed to all FBC church members. You may also choose mail in your completed form to the church office no later than October 26.