KIDS Connections THIS Week

Ms. Becca has many fun and meaningful activities planned for kids this week. Click any of the links . . .

THIS WEEK – August 3-9

Summer  Series of Children’s Sermons:  Part 4 – Story of Jacob | August 2
Sundays through August 16
While we’re apart, these summer series lessons will let your family study the Bible together and spend a few minutes each week applying God’s word to your lives.

Grab a beach ball and get ready to bounce around as the story of Jacob continues to have many ups and downs. Just as our focus can bounce from one thing to another, one high to one low, one celebration to one problem, consider with your family how God is at work through it all, just as God was in the life of Jacob.

CHURCH-WIDE TAILGATE WORSHIP GATHERING – Sunday, August 9 at 7:30 PM at the Activities Center – Click HERE for details! 
We will pray for all of our students and teachers as we transition to the new school year, our 1st Graders will receive their Bibles and our 6th graders will promote to the Student Ministry. We will also worship together outside in a socially distanced, tailgate style. Bring your folding chairs, wear your masks and join with your church family for this special time together next Sunday night.

FAMILY FAITH FOCUS – Establishing Routines
With the start of a new school year that will look different than ever before, comes an opportunity to shape your family’s faith practices in new ways too. What might be the perfect fit for your family to incorporate this year? Would a morning devotion book around the breakfast table feel right? What about a daily prayer before turning on any devices? Focusing on memorizing a scripture verse a week? Reading through a storybook Bible? Be intentional as you set up your spaces and rhythms for this unusual year to point your kids (and yourselves) to the source of all strength, grace, peace and joy.

PRAYERS FOR… (prayers written by author Traci Smith)

  • Back to School…  At the start of the school year, we are beginning something new. New things can be exciting. New things can be scary. New things can be wonderful. New things can be confusing. God, you are always with us. You are with us when things are exciting, or scary, or wonderful, or confusing. You are with us every day and all the time. God, please help us to feel your presence with us on the first day of school, and every day, Amen.
  • At-Home/Remote Learning…  Home is where we eat at the table and sleep in our bed. For now, home is where we do our learning, too. God, please be with me when I learn at home. Help me to understand what to do. Help me to be patient if it gets hard or feels too different. Most of all, help me to feel your love, Amen.
  • Blended Learning…  I can learn in many different ways. I can learn at home. I can learn at school. I can learn in both home and school. This year I’ll be learning in many different places. Though my body will be in different places, one thing will always stay the same: No matter where I am, God is with me. No matter where I am, God loves me. No matter where I am, I am God’s child. Amen.
  • Homeschooling…  As I start a year of school at home, I pray for all of the things I will learn this year. I pray for my teachers and family members. (Sometimes my teachers are my family members!) Help us all on this journey. May we be kind and do our very best, Amen.


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