STUDENT Ministry THIS Week

Join in all the Hangouts and Bible Study opportunities this week! If you are looking for a small group, contact Gavin.

Contact Gavin Zoom Meeting info – Email | 910.596.8305



Attending a football game for many is more than just an athletic event, it is a fun social gathering as well. Being that high school athletics only allow a limited number of attendees, we are hosting live streaming parties INDOORS at the FBC Activities Center on Friday Nights. We have plenty of space and rooms to socially distance around the facility and can host multiple games simultaneously.

  • Bring Friends!
  • Streaming the game at the Activities Center
  • Friday, March 12 @ 6PM

HANGOUTS via ZOOM — meeting link sent in an email from Gavin

Looking to make friends, have fun and grow in faith? Make sure to join a Hangout each Wednesday!

  • Middle School Hangout @ 6PM on Wednesday
  • High School Hangout @ 7PM on Wednesday


We have been given approval from the FBC Leadership Council to officially meet indoors. Below are the plans and guidelines we are going to have in place to keep everyone safe. We feel as if the Activities Center is big enough, with plenty of rooms and space for us to spread out so we can have our students meet indoors safely.

We will not be providing supper, but we will have individualized snacks to be shared during break-out groups. We have a new “snack sign up.” The snack needs to be an individual pre-packaged snack. If you make/bake something then bring it wrapped to be served individually – SNACK SIGN UP.

The Plan:

  • We will meet in the gym to start the evening. The cove is going to be locked and off-limits for the time being.
  • Big group session.
  • Break into distanced small groups in phases. Students will have an opportunity to snag an individualized snack on their way to small groups.
  • Dismiss from small groups/leave for the evening whenever discussion is finished. We will dismiss for the evening from small groups to keep everyone from leaving all at the same time.


  • Masks are required.
  • Safely distanced – 6 feet apart.
  • Only go into approved rooms. No roaming the building unattended, please.
  • We will be taking temperatures at the door.

Note: If you or your student have any new symptoms, please stay home to be safe. Also know, that if you are uncomfortable attending in person, we get it. There is no pressure here. We are going to think through a virtual option for joining in on Sunday nights in the future so your student could still participate if they decide to not attend. We also will continue to have our Wednesday nights on Zoom so your students can stay plugged in there as well. 



During the season of Lent, the FBC Student Ministry is taking on what we’re calling the “Lent Challenge.” We are sending out short video challenges for our daily encouragement to each other. We would love to have a video challenge to send out every day through Easter, so please consider submitting a challenge to share with the group. We are still accepting videos.

**Submit your Video Challenge — Text video to Gavin or submit via Flipgrid –**

Your video can be:
(1) you saying what lent means to you this year,
(2) you sharing your personal challenge that you are taking on for the whole season of lent,
(3) a one day challenge for the group,
(4) a prayer focus that you’d like to share and invite others to join you in.

We’ll be uploading these “privately” to Youtube and texting/emailing them out every morning. (Private, meaning your videos won’t be “Searchable” on the internet, only FBC people can see them.)

Many of you have been asking about Summer plans. Much like everything else, plans for events and things have all been tentative. So I say with the same reservation that we have these tentative dates for the summer:

  • June 20-25  |  Middle School Passport Greensboro
  • July 15-22  |  High School TBA
  • The “What” & “Where” is still up in the air for both HS and MS. We’re trying to at least give you a hopeful “When” so you can attempt to plan your calendars. No money is due for anything until late March, so we still have some time for our leadership to make final decisions. Until that point, we are going to plan on doing “something” with each age group this summer around these dates if it is at all possible. (Even if that “something” means local and small scale).
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