Hunkered Down Homilies

Writings and things to ponder by Dr. Jim Baldwin, Minister to Senior Adults, during this time of COVID-19. Enjoy!!

This week’s Homilies – –

March 4 – “On This Day”: On this day fifteen years ago, I was walking my daughter down a sandy aisle on a beach in El Salvador. I was escorting her as her dad and performing the wedding as her pastor. The pictures of that moment are quite telling – my daughter looking beautiful and me with my head down, focused on the next step, trying my best not to erupt in a volcano of mixed emotions. <<READ MORE>>

February 25 – “Be First”: I love jonquils. Or daffodils. I am never quite sure what to call them. But whichever name you use, they always make me smile. The day I took the above picture, I was bundled up against the cold, wearing gloves, toboggan and a winter coat. But there, in my neighbor’s yard, this jonquil stood proudly like it was a balmy day in May. <<READ MORE>>

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