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Staff Chat Episode 16 — Join us as we discuss areas in our life where Jesus ‘Flipped the Script.’ Reflecting on our current sermon series on The Beatitudes, we shared with one another the ways our thinking or actions took a turn to closer reflect Christ as our faith is deepening along life’s journey.

Staff Chat Episode 15 — Do you have a favorite worship song that moves you to feel closer to the Spirit of God? Perhaps it’s a song that inspires you to share God’s love, or maybe it’s one that brings you to tears of thankfulness. In this episode, we share some of our favorite worship songs, the meaning they have in our lives and how they draw our hearts toward Christ. We’ve made a Spotify playlist of these songs if you would like to take a listen. We would love for you to share your favorites.

Click HERE for Spotify Playlist of Staff’s Favorite Worship Songs

Staff Chat Episode 14 — We welcome our ministry partners from the Help Hub in this episode of Staff Chat. For years, area churches and non-profits have discussed ways to more efficiently serve those seeking financial assistance and/or needing help connecting to other resources. Rather than working separately to address these concerns, The Harrelson Center, along with three Wilmington churches, combined resources to create The Help Hub. The Harrelson Center’s central location, on-site resource connections and heart to serve make it a uniquely ideal home for The Help Hub. By merging resources, The Help Hub is able to make a greater impact in serving individuals.

Staff Chat Episode 13 — It’s back to school today for the FBC Staff. Join us as we discuss our favorite subjects, meaningful teachers and offer a little encouragement for parents doing their best during these unusual school days.

Staff Chat Episode 12 — We are honored to welcome our friend, brother and colleague Rev. Daryl Trexler, pastor of The Leland Church on this episode of Staff Chat. Daryl shares his heart for the community of Leland, the dedication and passion found in the members, and how we can pray for and support The Leland Church as they follow God’s calling

Staff Chat Episode 11 — We lighten things up a little this week as we played a game of Guess Who. Can you guess who “bagged groceries competitively in the annual National Grocers Association bagging competition” or “rode a horse for 3 days deep into the mountains of Lesotho led by a Basotho only speaking guide, sharing water troughs with sheep and eating convenient store candy and granola bars”? Tune in to play this fun get-to-know-you game with us.

Staff Chat Episode 10 — Dr. Mike Queen, former pastor of First Baptist Church for 25 years, joins Staff Chat and shares words of encouragement not only for our staff but for each of us as followers of Christ.

Staff Chat Episode 9 — The staff discusses their individual promptings which led them to choose ministry as a vocation. While each of our stories are different, they are all bound by the same testimony of God revealing himself through ordinary people, problems and places as they chose to follow God’s call.

Staff Chat Episode 8 — On this episode, we discuss some of the things that would make for a perfect day off.

Staff Chat Episode 7 — Welcome Meade Van Pelt, Executive Director, and Christy Aley, Community Outreach Coordinator, to discuss the vision and mission of the JoAnne Carter Harrelson Center.

Staff Chat Episode 6 — Where or how have you experienced God in a new way during this time of crisis? In this episode, staff discusses how they have experienced God in new ways over the last several months.

Staff Chat Episode 5 — Laughter is good for the soul! In this episode, we answered questions that had us all laughing and learning a little more about one another.

Staff Chat Episode 4 — Join the FBC Staff Ministers as we listen to two of our African American brothers, Dr. Clifford Barnett, Pastor of Warner Temple AME Zion Church and Wilmington City Councilman, and Rev. Jermaine Armour, Pastor of St. Luke’s AME Zion Church, share with us their hearts, their thoughts and their experiences around race, faith and following Jesus together in our community.

Staff Chat Episode 3 — Staff shares their thoughts on what has been the hardest thing about sheltering in place and what has been the silver lining about having extended time at home.

Staff Chat Episode 2 — Staff “Show-n-Tell” something in their home that holds special meaning and significance.

Staff Chat Episode 1 — Staff share what is going on in their area of ministry during this time of ‘stay in place’ order.