Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19)

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) recommendations change, we will continue to make decisions in the best interest of our church and community. We are making every effort to keep you informed and will post updates via our website and social media accounts and send email updates as needed.

March 23 – A Word from the Staff

Hi friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a great blessing it is to be a part of First Baptist Church. Your words of encouragement, kind acts of service, creative forms of mission and ministry, and generous sharing of resources keep us connected to each other and to the ultimate source of our life, love and power in these strange days. Your staff is staying in constant contact with each other and attempting to keep our lines of communication flowing throughout our church family. We hope you have been a part of the online worship services offered for the last two Sundays. We have been informed that people on better than 1,000 computers logged in to worship with us on March 15. Who knew that First Baptist would reach that many people with this resource? Our plan is for this type of worship service to continue and become more creative as we journey through these uncharted waters.

The part you play by presenting your financial offerings to God as you worship has been disrupted. There are no brass plates by which you may place your money, but the church continues to be about the mission and ministry that God has called us. Please continue to give as you have for so long. You may mail your offering to the church office, send it electronically by going to the church website or set up a bank draft through your bank to make sure you continue to be involved in all that God is doing through our church.  

The communication and connection of our Deacon Ministry was tested during and following Hurricane Florence. Our Deacons were great in staying in touch with their people as we made it through the storm together. They are doing their best to check on each of you and keeping the pastoral staff abreast of situations and prayer concerns that need our attention in the midst of this National Emergency. Thank you, Deacons!

The staff, Deacon Chair, and Leadership Council Chair are staying in touch and sharing information even in this time of social distancing. While our love for you and protection for all prevents us from meeting in person, our many Small Groups and Sunday School classes are staying connected by phone, text, email messaging, Zoom meetings and handwritten cards. We are not only in this together, but we are thriving together as we imagine new ways to be the church. Continue following us on Facebook and Instagram for chats, messages of encouragement, devotions, resources for personal discipleship, prayer requests, and praises.

Some of you have asked about the plan for Congregational Conversations after we had such a great response and fellowship at Conversation One. At this point, Conversation Two, scheduled for April 19, has been postponed until May 17, though the Transition Team is continuing to do their work. We will make further plans as the spread of COVID-19 is eliminated and we are allowed to meet again.

While we are working from our homes these days, your church staff is praying for you every day, continuing to work and doing things we did not expect we would do in ways we did not think we could do. This is an uncomfortable time for all of us, but God is with us and knows our need for His love and guidance. Please do not hesitate to call the church office to leave staff members a message or contact us personally by phone, text or email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

And, please follow the direction of the Surgeon General of our United States and stay at home unless it is an emergency.  Continue to pray for our governmental and health care leaders, one another, and that the healing spread of God’s love and grace will outdistance and outlast this virus.

You are loved!
Your FBC Church Staff

March 17 Congregational Letter:  We are going to be doing church in new ways – Click HERE to view the letter

March 16 Update:
Our staff has spent the better part of Monday, March 16, in prayer and discussion about our response concerning recommendations from County, State, and National officials.  In our best efforts to comply and help stop the spread of Covid-19, FBC has canceled ALL activities through March 31, 2020. Additionally, the Activities Center will be closed effective Tuesday, March 17. Our Church office will be closed but we will have someone available to answer phone calls this week.

March 13 Congregational Letter: Decision to suspend worship services & large group gatherings through March 22 – Click HERE to view the letter

March 12 Congregational Letter: Initial response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Click HERE to view the letter

Community and State Updates: NC Department of Health and Human Services website – click HERE or call 866-462-3821.