The Enneagram in Faith & Life

Tuesday, January 28  |  5:30-8:30 PM & Sunday, February 9  |  5-8 PM
Activities Center

Twice this winter we will be offering a workshop, The Enneagram in Faith & Life will provide an overview of the Enneagram, how it is broken down into 3 Triads and 9 Types and what all that means to help you to discern your number type. We will also identify some contemplative practices that will be most helpful to you as you grow in your faith.

The Enneagram is an ancient resource that helps us to understand our personality and those we live and work with.  It provides the kind of self-understanding that can help us to get out of our own way in our relationships and in the living out of our faith.

Questions? Email Jayne Davis

  • First Baptist Activities Center, 1939 Independence Boulevard
  • $20 – includes an online assessment which must be completed prior to the workshop session
  • Sign-up HERE
  • Questions? Email Jayne Davis
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