The Nazareth Challenge

May – June 2019

Looking for a great way to refresh your devotional life AND get your steps in each day?  Take the Nazareth Challenge!

In her book, Christ Walk, author, and registered nurse, Anna Fitch Courie, identifies a number of biblical journeys in scripture and offers them as devotional walking routes for us to “follow” as a 40-day discipline.

The route between Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth and Jerusalem is 65 miles.  If you walk 1.6 miles a day (4000 steps) for forty days, you will complete the distance from Nazareth to Jerusalem!  Those who register online will receive prayer prompts and encouragement from scripture by email throughout the forty days.

Forty days is a powerful period of time in the Bible.  Forty days can be transformational.  Be intentional to spend forty days walking with Jesus in May and June and see how He guides your steps.

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