Stations of the Cross

Walk By Faith: Stations of the Cross | FBC Chapel

Have you ever taken a minute or two to think about Jesus’ last day of his earthly life? His walk, his steps, and what he went through for each of us? Jesus’ day started at Pilate’s palace where he was condemned to death.  From there he walked to the place where his body was lifted up on the cross.  Some scholars estimate the walk to be 1,321 paces or roughly 3303 feet.

The world was forever changed in those 3303 feet.

On Ash Wednesday, February 26th, at 12:00 noon, you are invited to retrace those steps with Jesus, walking in his footsteps inside and outside of our church building, remembering Jesus’ experience.  We will stop at 14 Stations along the way – Stations of the Cross – where we will read Scripture, reflect on what Jesus’ actions mean for us, and we will pray together.  Our walk will conclude in the Chapel where we will receive anew Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf in the imposition of ashes.

Join us for Stations of the Cross and begin your Lenten journey Walking by Faith.

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