Worship This Week

We invite you to gather with your loved ones and offer your heart and mind toward praising and seeking God through our online worship.  May each of us grow in ‘becoming and helping others become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ‘ through our worship today.

We light the first candle, which symbolizes Hope. It is sometimes called the “Prophecy Candle” in remembrance of the prophets like Isaiah and John the Baptist, who foretold the coming of Christ.

Are you tired?  Are you discouraged?  After decades of exile, the people of Israel knew what it meant to be tired and discouraged. Exile is like quarantine, only worse. Instead of being locked in, they were locked out – locked out of their homes, their businesses, their country. Isaiah offers a word of hope for them and for us. And it’s not exactly what you might expect. 

When have you felt tired or discouraged?
When have you felt God’s power working in you?
Where do you need God’s strength to soar, to run, to walk?

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