As many of you will recall, Rev. Bill Dunn and Dr. Holly Dunn were members of our congregation several years ago.  In fact, Bill was our Minister to Senior Adults during that time. The Dunn’s relocated for Holly to take a job as a professor of Emergency Medicine and as an Emergency Department physician at the University of South Alabama School of Medicine. She contracted Covid 19 in August 2020 while working and became so ill she could no longer work.  She has Long Covid. Bill has been Holly’s full-time caregiver resulting in his inability to work.  They relocated to Houston, Texas for Holly to receive treatment at a clinic that specializes in Long Covid care. 

One year ago, Bill and Holly had exhausted all their financial resources and a Go Fund Me page was set up to assist them.  Many of you contributed to that fund and others of you contributed through our church. Your generosity helped them immensely. Unfortunately, Bill and Holly contracted Covid again last December. That set Holly back at least six months and prevented any opportunity for Bill to work outside the home.  Recently, Holly was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer.  They are trying to schedule a complete hysterectomy and determine what treatments she will need.  

Bill and Holly have been extremely frugal, stretching your much appreciated gifts as far as possible. However, they are again facing both health and financial crises. They will truly appreciate your prayers.  In addition, several members of FBC and a Sunday School class are sending financial aid to them.  If you feel moved to help them, you can deliver your contribution to the church office or you can send cards and/or help directly to them at 1320 Montrose Blvd., Apt. 436, Houston, TX 77019.