Hunkered Down Homilies

Writings and things to ponder by Dr. Jim Baldwin, Minister to Senior Adults, during this time of COVID-19. Enjoy!!

This week’s Homilies – –

December 2 – “New”: My siblings have labeled me the “most traditional”” member of the family.  In many ways that is true. I believe traditions – especially around holidays – provide a foundation for the generations that follow us. In our family we have traditional ways to decorate a Christmas tree, traditional foods we serve for Christmas breakfast, even traditional ways we open gifts.  <<READ MORE>>

November 24 – “Waves”: ENan and I are spending Thanksgiving week at Sunset Beach with our son and his family.  We have never seen a beach we didn’t like but, all things considered, Sunset Beach is maybe our favorite.  It is a great beach for riding bikes on the strand, kayaking in the marsh and fishing in the surf.  A few members of our family even took a Polar Bear Plunge this week! <<READ MORE>>

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