Mission is not something we do it is at the core of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ. Serving is a great way to grow and meet others. Discover your purpose by exploring the opportunities available to serve in our church, community and world. While our primary mission field is in our community, we also believe that God is calling us to make a difference globally. Every year we send mission teams to other states and countries around the world. Our church-wide mission trips are open to everyone (not just members of our church) and we would love to have you join us in God’s work! If you want to learn more about joining us on short-term missions, contact us HERE.

Kentucky Tornadoes

Our hearts are broken and our prayers are lifted for the people of Kentucky that endured the tornados that ravaged their state last Friday night and early Saturday morning.

NC Baptist Disaster Relief teams of volunteers are being deployed to Hillvue Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky to set up a disaster recovery site following the tornados that left death and destruction in the aftermath of its path. A feeding team, a laundry unit, recovery unit, generator and chainsaw teams are needed at this time. Please continue praying for the victims, families of the deceased, and the teams of volunteers that are assisting in the recovery. Please consider giving money toward the expense of the recovery effort. Donations may be given through our church by designating your gift to “Kentucky Tornado Relief” or directly to NC Baptist Disaster Relief on their website. Volunteers are needed. Click the button below for information about giving and volunteer registration.


Why We Go:

  • To obey Christ’s command in the Great Commission.
  • To support the local Church and local missionaries.
  • To reach the unreached with the gospel.
  • To gain awareness and depth of the body of Christ.
  • To be personal witnesses to the world of our life in Christ.

Where We Go:

  • Chimaltenango, Guatemala (twice per year July/Oct)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa (every other year)
  • Over the past five years we have sent mission teams to the following areas both in our country and around the world.
    • 2019: Florida – South Africa – Guatemala (2 trips)
    • 2018: Immokalee, Florida – Puerto Rico – Haiti
    • 2017: Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Bimini – Haiti
    • 2016: Washington, DC – Haiti -Puerto Rico
    • 2015: Dallas, Texas – Spain – Bimini
    • 2014: Knoxville, Tennessee – Seaside Heights, New Jersey – Bimini

What We Do:

  • Because we believe in supporting long-term & existing ministries, we often serve with Churches/missionaries where they have need. Some of these serving opportunities include teaching, equipping, evangelism, health care; children’s ministries (Orphan Care & VBS); music outreach, construction projects, & food distribution.

“For 12 years I’ve felt God’s nudge to join our mission efforts in Guatemala. I love building the homes for the families and participating in the food distribution. It fills my heart to observe our team members experience God’s love and power through our mission. But I would have to say it’s because of the precious people who have so little material possessions but are so grateful, happy and filled with joy that I keep returning. They do so much more to minister to me than I could ever do for them.” Jeff

Disaster Relief – Living on the coast we’re very aware of the huge impact that natural disasters such as Hurricanes can have on people.  We send out individuals and teams on an as-needed basis for either immediate or long-term response. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – In addition to our church’s mission efforts, we also partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to send missionaries to places across the country and around the world.