Many of us struggle with the busy, fragmented nature of life today.  ‘Hurry sickness” has diluted our spiritual journey, diminished all sense of rhythm in our lives and left us exhausted! God wants so much more for us!

This is your life, your life with God; Make something of it. Expect to be changed.  Expect to change the world.

Practicing the Daily Pause will help you to:

  • Anchor your life in God,
  • Listen for God amid all the clamoring voices in your world,
  • Be aware of God’s presence in your daily life, and
  • Discern God’s guidance in the decisions that you make.

The Daily Pause is an ancient Christian practice of “praying the hours” or praying at certain times of the day.  The purpose of the daily pause is to be reminded that all time is sacred and that our lives are meant to be structured around God, as opposed to squeezing God into the scattered moments of our lives.

Each week, the DAILY PAUSE will provide resources to help you develop the life-giving habit of coming before God and attuning your life to who and what God would have you to be and to do. There will be …

  • Prayer prompts and Scripture reading.
  • Midday Sabbatical – 5 minutes at noon simply coming before God, resting.
  • Daily Examen – a time in the evening to review your day with God in gratitude and anticipation.

You don’t have to do it all.  This is not a checklist.  It is a practice. Don’t worry about what you can’t do.  Be as consistent as you can in what you can do.

This Weeks Daily Office