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Our History

First Baptist Church was organized in Wilmington in 1808. It was originally established as Front Street Baptist Church as the meeting house was located on South Front Street near the corner of Ann Street. After starting several other Baptist churches in the city, the name was changed to First Baptist.

The congregation began construction of the current sanctuary at the corner of Market Street and Fifth Avenue in 1860. The Civil War and its residual effects delayed completion of the building for ten years. The sanctuary was dedicated to the glory of God in May of 1870. The architecture of the building is early English Gothic with large arches and two spires.  –READ MORE–

Our Family

First Baptist Wilmington, home to a strong heritage dating back to 1808, is a missional congregation with a commitment to meaningful worship and a supportive staff. First Baptist has a diverse and dynamic congregation with strong programs for kids, students and music ministries.

“FBC is my FAMILY”

“Genuine LOVE from total strangers”


Our Leadership & Governance

Spiritual leaders help us become like Jesus. They look where Jesus is leading, listen to His voice, and try to become like Him; then they invite us to do the same.


Our Community

First Baptist Church is located in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Known as the Port City, Wilmington is located in the southeastern corner of the State and situated between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. The presence of a Regional Airport and the east termination of Interstate 40 makes this beautiful small coastal city very accessible to all travelers and provides its residents easy access for State, regional, and global travel.

The city of Wilmington is in New Hanover County and is home to approximately 124,000 people, with a total county population of approximately 235,000. The median household income for the city is $45,450 and the median house value is $238,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What We Believe… HERITAGE

We believe that we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. We are a link in the chain in the Kingdom of God in this moment of time as the congregation of First Baptist Church. We honor what has brought us to this point and are privileged to carry that mantle into a new future.

What We Believe… FREEDOM

We believe in soul freedom. Each person must stand on their own before God. To that end we create room in our common life for individuals and groups to think for themselves. We strive to honor diversity in our interpretation of scripture, our thinking, and how we choose to live out our individual callings.

What We Believe… HOPEFUL

We believe that “The best is yet to be.” God calls us into his future and therefore our best days are ahead of us because that is where God’s work is to be done. God is continuously making all things new, including First Baptist Church.

What We Believe… RELATIONAL

We believe that our love and respect for one another is part of our greatest witness in our world. God has made us for community.

What We Believe… MISSIONAL

We believe it is the mission of the church to carry on the ministry of Jesus in the world; to bring the Kingdom of God to the places where we live, work and play. Whether around the world or in our own homes and neighborhoods, we are the hands and feet of Christ, made for God’s purposes. We believe that Love Does and each person has the calling and responsibility to put God’s love into tangible action.