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Spiritual leaders help us become like Jesus. They look where Jesus is leading, listen to His voice, and try to become like Him; then they invite us to do the same.

First Baptist Church incorporated under the state statutes as a non-profit corporation in 1994. The Articles of Incorporation specify that First Baptist Church of Wilmington shall be an independent, local, autonomous church. Members shall have the authority to adopt and amend bylaws, approve budgets, receive members and govern and conduct the affairs of First Baptist Church.

The membership shall elect pastors and deacons to serve as spiritual leaders. The Diaconate’s primary responsibilities are to work toward the spiritual welfare of all members and assist the ministerial staff with the ministry needs of the congregation. The membership may also elect other officers, committees, councils, organizations and teams as it may deem necessary.

The church established a Leadership Council in 2017 to act as an advisory body for the senior pastor and the church. The Leadership Council in conjunction with the senior pastor and staff will have general oversight concerning the affairs of the church and will help set strategy and vision for the church.


Our Leadership

  • Leadership Council:  15 Members
  • Diaconate:  61 Deacons (35 Small Group Deacons & 26 At-Large Deacons)
  • Ministry Teams:  Worship Host Team and Christian Education Team
  • Standing Committees:
    Program Ministry Committees: Children’s Ministry, Students Minsitry and Recreation Ministry
    Strategic Ministry Committees: Audit Committee, Financial Management, Leadership Council, Mission & Ministry, Personnel and Trustees

Our Staff

  • 10 Full and Part-Time Pastoral Staff
  • 10 Full and Part-time Support and Administrative Staff (excluding Preschool staff, other than the Director)