Month: May 2021

Current Series Dance

David danced before the Lord with all his might. He loved God and wasn't afraid to show it. Would others know that you've experienced the love and grace of God through your enthusiasm and joy? When was the last time you did anything for God with all your might... with reckless abandonment, enthusiasm, and joy?

Sacrificial Love

Loving others is a significant part of our Kingdom work, and it is in our church’s DNA. Many times we chose to make simple gestures to show our love for others, but we should be cautious with simple at all times. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, reminds us that loving others requires deep sacrifice and it can be costly. He responded to his Father’s call by sacrificially loving us, and we are called to sacrificially love others as well! What are you willing to lose or give up to love the “others” in your community? When was the last time you paused to thank God for sacrificially loving you?

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