Month: September 2021

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

We all have private battles we are facing. You do not have to look very far to see and hear the public battles raging all around us. God’s plan does not resemble humanity’s, for God’s plan is greater than ours. God has certainly given us spiritual armor to fight with, but we must remember that the "battle belongs to the Lord". How then, do we remain steadfast and faithful through the battles of this life? Our sermon series will take us on the journey of a nation in pursuit of their next leader. We are reminded that our desires are not always God’s for us. God’s ultimate plan is always perfect.

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Am I Included?

In church we talk a lot about who is included and who is not. Or do we? Every Christian community desires to reach out to those who need a relationship with God. However we tend to be selective as to who fits our model for inclusion. It seems to be our nature. However the Gospel (Good News) was and is world changing because Jesus reached out to those who were thought to be beyond the love and grace of God. The unacceptables. 2021 and beyond requires us to rethink and reimagine everything. Who needs to be included at First Baptist? Who is excluded now?  

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