Month: August 2022

Table Topics

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus eats, a lot. He eats with sinners, tax collectors, disciples, women, out-of-towners, Pharisees, scribes, prostitutes, and crowds. He even tells stories about people eating together. There is no way Luke unintentionally includes all of these meal scenes with all of these types of people and all of these lessons. Who Jesus eats with (and what he says to them while eating) is one of the most important details in all of the Gospel of Luke, and it is worth our time to study. What I can say on the front end is meals matter. How we dine and who we dine with matter. The type of people Jesus dines with should scream out how radical and inclusive his love was. He ate with everyone . . . even those who thought of him as an enemy. The topics he discusses are incredible too. He challenges the sacredness of the law, our need propensity for pride, and who is the greatest. He talks in depth about sin and love and even demonstrated God’s love through holy communion around the table. By studying these table topics, we will draw closer to some of the deepest truths in all of life as well as learn how to practice them in our own lives. Join us in September and October as we sit around the table and study the timeless topics and teachings of Jesus. This is a sermon series you will find yourself going back to time and time again as if it’s your favorite meal. There’s a lot to chew on in this series, and we’re going to dig in to the Gospel of Luke together. We look forward to seeing you at First Baptist.

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