Month: January 2023

Current Series My Story Matters

Marketers know what they’re doing. They know how to grab the audience’s attention. This is mainly because they’ve figured out how to make us think deeply about “my story.” And the truth is, they’re not wrong. We should think deeply about our own individual stories, because the story you bring with you into the world matters. At First Baptist, we believe this so much that we label “My Story” as the first of three Divine levels of engagement. “My Story” is the place that holds my gifts, my insights, my experiences, and my abilities to affect change in the world. The Holy Spirit dwells at this level inside each of us and helps us to hear what God is calling us to do and be as a person. Of course, this isn’t the only way God interacts with us. The other two levels are labeled “Our Story” and “The Story.” To have a healthy “Our Story” and to fully participate in God’s ultimate “The Story,” we need to think deeply about our own individual stories. This task is not easily done. Sometimes we do not see what God sees because we get caught listening to the wrong marketers. Sometimes we believe when the world tells us, “We aren’t good enough unless we prove otherwise.” To help push against the world’s marketing strategy, this Epiphany, we will zoom into key scripture passages where we all can find a better narrative. By seeing these texts through fresh eyes, we’ll be able to find where we fit within God’s story and then give us a roadmap for living a better My Story.