If we believe that God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day, then we believe that the power of sin and death has been broken. We are Easter people. We know that Jesus is risen. We know that love wins and that changes everythingAnd what we have to do is spread that word not only by our words but also through our deeds.   

So let’s show it! Easter people let grace abound because the death and resurrection of Jesus means that sin can’t have the last word. Easter people are radically optimistic because if a man can come back from the dead, then what problem can’t be solved.

Jesus came walking out of his tomb, and we can come walking out of our caves. The war is over. We just have to believe it and act accordingly!

Resurrection Faith | John 20:1-10

April 21, 2019

Resurrection Grace | Acts 13:36-41

April 28, 2019

Resurrection Power | Acts 4:32-37

May 5, 2019

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