Come Alive

May 29 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive, Luke’s Great Commission”  |  Luke 24:36-49  |  Rev. Barrett Owen
Like Matthew, Luke includes a fine commission, but his version is a bit different. The energy is the same, but the command is different. Instead of ‘go make disciples,’ Luke tells the world to preach repentance and forgiveness of sins. Becoming awakened (coming alive) to the importance and power of these two words . . . and helping others see it too . . . is paramount for the church to move people towards God.

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May 22 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive, Stranger” |  Luke 24:13-35 |  Rev. Barrett Owen

Jesus meets disciples on his walk to Emmaus, but disguises himself as a stranger. After an incredible dialogue we hear the disciples reflecting to one another, “Were our hearts not burning within us?” This line is the moment consciousness evolves for them and their souls come alive. The storyline is one of the most well-known scenes in the gospels. Hearing it again through the lens of how we can come alive in Christ changes everything for us.


May 15 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive, Church” |  Matthew 28:16-20 |  Rev. Barrett Owen

A lot of people call themselves Great Commission Christians. I get it. It’s the clearest, most direct understanding of Christian duty. Go make disciples. Baptize them. Go. Do it. It’s direct. Positive. Action-oriented. Most people come alive when they realize they have work to do. Well, the same is still needed today. It’s time for the church to come alive.

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May 8 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive, Children” |  John 21:1-14  |  Rev. Barrett Owen

Jesus shows up in Galilee unexpectedly. The disciples are fishing and Jesus makes a charcoal fire awaiting their catch of fish. They catch nothing until Jesus calls out to them. What he says at that moment make the disciples come alive and is truly (and theologically” profound. Jesus’ words have reverberating significance for us even today. If you want a sneak peek into what he says, it’s verse five. 

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May 1 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive, Thomas” |  John 20:24-31  |  Rev. Barrett Owen

Thomas has to touch Jesus before he believes. Thankfully, Jesus meets Thomas in his doubt, and we see Thomas’s character unfold in a way that mimics all of our lives. His faith comes alive when he owns his doubt and is able to see and touch Jesus. It’s not far-fetched to say, “Thomas’ doubt leads him to a deeper form of faith.” Ours can too. 

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April 24 |  In-Person & Online

“Come Alive” |  John 20:1-31 |  Rev. Barrett Owen

John 20 has five scenes. Five times the resurrected Jesus shows up unexpectedly and five times a person or group come alive in ways they have not before. Sitting with these stories you realize they all have different starting blocks which means Jesus comes to them in their own narratives based on their own circumstances. The same is true for us. Jesus meets us where we are as we are and offers us a way to come alive.
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