From the Heart

January 2 | ONLINE & IN-PERSON

“Identity Crisis” | 2 Corinthians 5:15-17 | John Kimbrough

Have you ever had an identity crisis as a result of a big change in your life? Join us Sunday, January 2 as we talk about finding our worth in Jesus, not in who we are or what we do.



January 9 | ONLINE & IN-PERSON

“Why Can’t We Be Friends?”  |  Matthew 5:43-48  |  Rev. John Daniels
Why have we become so mean and contemptuous toward those who disagree with us.? We know scripture says we are to love our neighbor and even our enemies. What’s happening? What should we do in these difficult times? Love is the answer!



January 16 | ONLINE & IN-PERSON

“The Work of Christmas”  |  Luke 3:1-18  |  Dr. Jim Everette

What might happen if we gathered our courage and entered 2022 with the mindset of continuing the true Work of Christmas? Let us focus on finding the lost, healing the broken, feeding the hungry, releasing the prisoners, rebuilding the nation, bringing peace among the people, and making music in the heart.



January 23 | ONLINE ONLY

“When the New Wears Off”  |  Galatians 4:4-11, 16-20  |  Rev. Gavin Spell

The season of Christmas has come and gone. We’ve taken down the decorations and we’ve celebrated the visit of the wisemen at epiphany. The new year has come and we’ve moved onto the next thing. It’s easy to settle back into the groove of the “same old, same old” from before, but we must keep letting Christ spark in us anew, even after the new has worn off.



January 30 | IN-PERSON & ONLINE

“Expectations”  |  Matthew 13:53-58  | Dr. Jim Baldwin

The Bible says “Jesus could do no mighty work because of their lack of faith.” Are we tying the hands of God because we expect too little?


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