My Story. Our Story. The Story.

November 20 | Online & In-Person

“Peter’s The Story Moment”  | Acts 10:1-48 |  Rev. Barrett Owen

There are very few moments in scripture that illustrate so perfectly what God’s ultimate story looks like on earth as it is in heaven, but we get it here in Acts 10. The sequence between Peter’s dream and his encounter with Cornelius is a game-changing moment for Peter’s faith, for us the readers, and for human history. You could go as far as to say that human consciousness evolves at this moment, and there is no going back. When it comes to engaging God’s ultimate “The Story,” we need to look no further than Acts 10.



November 13 | Online & In-Person

“Peter’s Our Story Moment”  | Acts 2:37-47  |  Rev. Barrett Owen

Immediately following Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit descending, Peter got to work preaching and healing. So much so, the early church formed almost immediately, and communal faith, church praxis, and Christian fellowship unfolded. In these ten verses, Peter experiences what is still true for all of us at the Our Story level today.



November 6 | Online & In-Person

“Peter’s My Story Moment”  | Matthew 26:31-35 |  Rev. Becca Jones

Over and over Peter tries his best to follow Jesus, to stand up for Jesus, to demonstrate his own faithfulness, but time and time again, his efforts fall short. Jesus calls him to deeper understanding, greater discipleship and offers abundant grace. As we look at Peter’s individual My Story, we see our own personal stories of faith, failures and grace reflected.


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