Signs Along the Way

April 3 |  In-Person & Online

“The Fragrance of Life” |  John 11 & 12  |  Dr. Jim Everette

When Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb that held his lifeless body, Lazarus walked out bound in grave clothes. Jesus said to the witnesses surrounding the tomb, “Take off the grave clothes, loose him, and let him go.” Are there some “old grave clothes” that you need to shed in order for you to feel that you are living fully free by God’s grace? Jesus said, “I have come that you might have abundant life.” What is preventing you from living the abundant life that God desires most for you? Why won’t you let it go?

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March 27 |  In-Person & Online

“Now I See” |  John 9:1-7  |  Dr. Jim Baldwin

Some people come to faith all at once. For others, it takes time to fully realize who Jesus is. The man in our story had to walk a while by faith before he gained his sight. Maybe you are walking that same path. Jesus says, “Come and see!”

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March 20 |  In-Person & Online

“Pick up Your Mat and Walk” |  John 5:1-15  |  Rev. Jayne Davis

We all get stuck in places in life where we can only see what’s right in front of us. We can’t see the bigger picture of what God sees or what God can make possible.  
And then Jesus comes along and asks, “Do you want to get well?”
What does it look like for you to get up from where you are stuck, pick up your mat and walk?

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March 13 |  In-Person & Online

“A Healing Declaration” |  John 4:46-54  |  Rev. John Daniels

Just how far out of the way would we go searching for a miracle or a sign? Perhaps that would depend on our level of belief. In John 4, we learn about the deep faith of a royal leader and the great lengths he went to to ask Jesus for a miracle. In his search for healing, he received a sign far greater than his expectations.

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March 6  |  In-Person & Online

“A Gracious Plenty” |  John 2:1-11  |  Dr. Jim Everette

At what level is your gusto for living the “abundant life” that Jesus promised right now? Full? Half-full and headed up? Down? Empty? Is there a part of your life that feels like stale water in a cold stone jar? How might you trust Jesus to transform that into joy?

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