The Sacrifice of Worship


What is the biggest sacrifice you have ever made? Perhaps it was something you had to give up for another person; or maybe, it wasn’t something you did, but something you didn’t do. In this week’s sermon, we’ll be looking at worship through the lens of sacrifice as described in Romans 12:1-2.

Sometimes we look at worship with an attitude of “must do,” rather than “can do.” Our response to this attitude is often to try and transform our own minds and produce within ourselves a willingness to worship; however, when we do this, we fail to recognize that God not only calls us to worship Him willingly, but also gives us the means of transformation to do so through the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us in Matthew 30 that His “…yoke is easy and [his] burden is light.” How have you been carrying the unnecessary and fruitless burden of self-transformation in your life rather than submitting to the yoke of Jesus Christ living in you?

DAILY LECTIO DIVINA READING GUIDES – We will be reading using the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, or Holy Reading. This practice involves reading the same scripture passage three times. Each time you will be given a different prompt as you listen. After each reading, there will be a time of silence. Give yourself to that silence. Allow the silence to make room for what God wants to do… in you. If you need more time in silence, you are welcome to press pause.

August 31 – September 4 | Praying the Psalms

  • Monday, August 31 – Psalm 37:1-9  |  Click HERE
  • Tuesday, September 1 – Psalm 42:1-5  |  Click HERE
  • Wednesday, September 2 – Psalm 46:1-7  |  Click HERE
  • Thursday, September 3 – Psalm 100:1-65 |  Click HERE
  • Friday, September 4 – Psalm 139:1-14; 23-24  |  Click HERE
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