Wholly Devoted

It has been said that life is a cycle of happiness and sadness, clarity and confusion, and all the emotions that propel us in between. 

We are excited to introduce Wholly Devoted, the new weekly blog by the staff of First Baptist Church. 

We will share experiences, wonderings, and reflections in the cycle of life. May we grow together toward being wholly devoted to Jesus Christ.

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When I was in New York City recently to celebrate my nephew’s wedding, I made my way to Central Park and began the familiar stroll to my favorite spots.  Invariably, I ended up at Gapstow Bridge over The Pond.  No matter where I am in the park, the pull to The Pond is like ‘deep calling out to deep.’  There is something in my soul that longs to sit and be and pray in this tranquil place. Rev. Jayne Davis