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Becoming a Member

Our mission is to become and help others become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

At First Baptist, we believe that church membership matters. Deciding to partner with us on your faith journey is an important decision. It is one we believe should be prompted and guided by God. By joining, you allow us to commit to walk with you on your journey through life as you grow in your faith. 

Why Join FBC?

Church membership is significant in nurturing one's spiritual journey and relationship with God. It provides a supportive community where individuals can grow in their faith, find encouragement, and engage in meaningful fellowship. 

Membership is not a requirement for belonging to our family at First Baptist. However, we believe that we are made stronger with every person that worships, partners, or visits with us. Our mission is supported by the unique gifts and talents of our congregation, and we would love for you to be a part of that.

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How Do I Join?

We receive members in four ways:

Baptism by immersion, upon confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

- As Baptists, we believe in Believer’s Baptism. This means you formally recognize yourself as a follower of Jesus and someone who has made the profession of faith to make Jesus the Lord of your life. When this occurs, you can select a minister to enter into the baptismal waters with you to perform the ceremony as an outward expression of your faith.

Transfer from another church of any denomination as a baptized believer

- If you are looking to transfer your membership from another congregation and have already been baptized, you can simply request to join by transfer of letter. Our office will contact your previous church’s office to request a transfer of membership.

- At First Baptist, we accept all forms of baptisms by other denominations as a legitimate observance. You will not need to be rebaptized here.

Statement of having previously received Christ as Lord and Savior and having been baptized.

- Sometimes churches that baptize us close or merge with another congregation. Your membership may be with a church that no longer exists. You can still join our congregation by statement of previous baptism.

Participating in our New Member’s Class

- Several times a year, we formally host prospective members for a multi-week New Member’s Class. In this class, we cover the history of First Baptist, our beliefs, our budget, our decision-making structure, as well as our discipleship structure. If you finish the class, you can be accepted into membership and schedule a baptism if needed.

- Contact the church office to find out when the next New Member’s Class starts.

Shared Values and Beliefs

We believe Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord.

We believe the Bible is

the Word of God.

We believe Baptism and Communion are symbolic celebrations.

We believe in the Priesthood of all believers. We ordain both men and women.


Take the
Next Step

If you are interested in learning how to become a member, we would love to talk with you. You may contact us at or call the church office at 910.763.2471.

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New Members Class

Our next New Member class is coming soon! Stay tuned for more information.

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