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CrossTraining is our Wednesday night fellowship opportunity held at our Activity Center located near the mall. We meet in small group courses that are different every semester. We have adult classes and programs for kids and students. All courses are open to the public; you do not have to be a member or attend on Sunday mornings to join a class!

Winter Semester: January - March

Fall Semester: August - November

Current Courses


Jan. 10 – Mar. 20, 2024


Barrett Owen

In the Bible, God speaks through dreams. As a matter of fact, major transitions and character-arching moments occur because of what someone felt God was saying to them in a dream. Is this any different today? No. Dreams are a natural and beautiful way to hear the Spirit of the Living God whispering in our souls. But they take decoding. Dreams do not come to us logically. Luckily, academic, spiritual formation has uncovered a dream language that aids in our deciphering. It’s not easy work, but if you want to learn to listen to God speak to you through your dreams, this class is for you.

Jan. 10 – Mar. 20, 2024

Jan. 10 – Mar. 20, 2024


Mike Queen

Did you ever wonder what happened after Jesus’ death and resurrection? What did the disciples do? How, when, and where did the Gospel spread? Luke gives us a powerful glimpse at the answers to those questions and more. Join us as we explore the birth and infancy of the church of which we are still a part of today.

Adult Tap Dancing

January 10 - February 7


Shannon Mansfield

Joined seasoned dance instructor Shannon Mansfield for five fabulous weeks of tap lessons! Beginners welcome! Tap shoes needed.

Enneagram & Marriage

Jan. 10 – Mar. 20, 2024


Led by Jayne Davis

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for increasing our awareness and understanding of ourselves and others. When applied to our marriages, it can be truly transformational, allowing us to grow in empathy and compassion for one another and resulting in a stronger, more loving bond. Couples are encouraged to obtain a copy of “The Enneagram and Your Marriage,” by Jackie Brewster.

Mentoring Karen Adults

Jan. 10 – Mar. 20, 2024


Jan Rhyne

Work with our Karen adults as they learn English, read scripture and devotions in English, understand U.S. customs and parenting skills, and learn how to thrive in a different culture.

Upcoming Events

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