Worship This Week

We invite you to gather with your loved ones and offer your heart and mind toward praising and seeking God through our online worship.  May each of us grow in ‘becoming and helping others become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ‘ through our worship today.

Sermon Series: The Blessing of Ordinary
Series Scripture: “Surely the LORD is in this place–and I did not know it!” — Genesis 28:16

“Un-Ordinary Dreams: Conflict in the Family”  |  Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28  |  Patrick Griffin

In the eyes of Jacob, Joseph was not an ordinary son. He was Jacob’s favorite, and this did not sit well with his brothers. The flaws in these familial relationships led to a terrible decision, one which caused great suffering. But where was God during this?

  • All families are flawed – the Bible is full of examples. How have you seen God work through these flaws in your family?
  • Even though these flaws exist, we can better love our families. How can you practically do this in your life?
  • Our actions have consequences and others may suffer as a result of them. How can you respond to those you have impacted?
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