KIDS Connections THIS Week

Ms. Becca has many fun and meaningful activities planned for kids this week. Click any of the links . . .

KIDS WORSHIP  |  September 13

Do you ever use coloring as a spiritual practice? The simplicity can help our minds and bodies to slow down enough to stop and ponder the words of scripture. During our series on the Beatitudes, we will be providing a weekly coloring sheet that goes along with each of the themes. These can be used throughout the week, and not just for your kids, to pause and take a moment to reflect on the words Jesus’ taught as he flipped the script through his teachings on the mountainside.

Click HERE to download “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit” (Sept 13) coloring sheet


  • Spotify — There is a Spotify playlist to help your child learn all of the scripture memory verses for this year. Find it HERE!
  • Verse Cards —  To help learn the verses, print these verse cards for your child to hang up in his or her workspace. Find it HERE!

Join us for ACTIVE, ENGAGING, MEANINGFUL and FUN lessons that will help kids learn and love the Bible, as well as discover how God is at work in their lives and all around our world.

  • Wednesdays:
    • 6:00PM – 3, 4, 5 year olds (K)
    • 6:30PM – 1st-5th Graders

Each week we’ll study the Bible, learn God’s word in active ways and apply it to our lives as we look at how God is at work in us and around the world!  1st-5th Graders should bring a Bible to the call each week. We will be using the same Zoom log-ins for all of our weekly meetings, and the back-to-back calls, so please don’t log on more than a couple minutes before your scheduled time. Make plans to include this time of fun, learning and friends in your family’s weekly schedule!


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